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I just couldn’t resist any longer. Over the weekend I finally bought Ayumi’s book, ‘Patckwork, Please!‘.

{side note: my husband can’t stop saying it like this: “Patckwork? PUH-LEASE!” He’s also the guy who will always say, “I have Du-puis” when we watch a hockey game involving the Pittsburgh Penguins and the announcer mentions Pascal Dupuis. Also, he never fails to say, “I guess he’s just in a bit of a pickle” when we watch a game involving the San Jose Sharks and the announcer mentions Vlasic’s name. *sigh* he’s such a goofball, but aren’t we all ūüėČ }

We spent Saturday afternoon at The Grove and Farmer’s Market having lunch and picking up some goodies. There is a Barnes and Noble at The Grove so I insisted we stop by since I may have checked earlier in the week if the book was in stock (it was!). It took a bit longer than I anticipated to find the book because a sneaky stock person placed it in the knitting section instead of the sewing section so I had a moment of panic when I couldn’t find it. I felt so smart and victorious when I found the book.

I knew I needed to make a project from this book ASAP or else it would just sit on my bookshelf for weeks and months. The main reason I was hesitant to start on these projects is because I don’t think I have the “right” fabrics. I don’t have quite the fabric stash that most of the quilting blogging universe appears to have. I don’t have any quirky text prints or linens and most of the fabric I have runs on the darker side, but I made do with what I had. All of the fabric I used was purchased at Momen+.

I made one bell pepper coaster and one pincushion.

Pincushion Top

I have one small, itty bitty gripe with the book. I would have preferred if all the templates were positioned close to the book’s free edge. In some cases, the templates are closer to the bound edge and there is text closer to the free edge. Why couldn’t they have switched positions??? I don’t like “cracking” a book’s bind, it sorta pains me when I have to make creases in bound books. In this case I have to really open the book in order to make sure the template is copied correctly. Thankfully, most of the templates are drawn to scale so you don’t need to worry about magnifying the copies. However, I noticed one template needs to be copied at 133% magnification and my home printer doesn’t offer that magnification size, so I’ll have to go to a copier store.

Top of Coaster

I was too lazy to change the top-stitching¬†thread to match the light fabric. I sorta like the contrast, although I would have liked it better if my top-stitching was even….whoops!

I have to admit that these two items took me way longer than I had anticipated. This was my first foray into paper piecing and I didn’t quite read through all of the instructions in the sample block. My points aren’t perfect, mainly because I think my grid ruler is a bit off, which caused my traced templates to be off in size. However, as Ayumi explains in the intro part, you shouldn’t have “perfect” projects when you start because improving your work is part of the fun of paper piecing. And she’s right! I’m excited to make more and improve my technique. After having completed these two items, especially the pincushion, I feel way more confident in tackling more paper pieced projects. I really want to try freezer paper piecing next.

Side View of Pincushion

The projects in this book are so freaking adorable. This book inspires me to collect fabric based on colors and scale of prints.¬†I just found out a good friend of mine is expecting so I’m definitely going to whip up some bibs from this book. Now I just need to get my hands on more fabric….


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6 continuous days of photos. I’m almost at a week. If I take a photo tomorrow, then I’ll consider it a streak.

First up is January 5, 2013 and, yes, it is a cat photo.
I love trying to get ¬†close-up photos of my cat, especially when his eyes are super big. Only his eyes are in focus because I had to shoot wide open (and at 1600 ISO) in order to get an appropriate shutter speed and exposure and I set the focus on his eyes. My external flash can’t arrive soon enough…

Today’s photo, January 6, 2013, is of a zipper pouch I made a couple months ago.


One day I had an urge to actually make something as opposed to just reading about everyone else’s wonderful sewing projects in my Google Reader. I decided to make a zipper pouch since it looked somewhat easy and I had enough scraps to make one. I used Ayumi’s zipper pouch tutorial and scraps of Tula Pink’s Prince Charming collection. By the way, Ayumi has the most amazing tutorials on her blog, Pink Penguin. There are plenty of other zipper pouch tutorials on the interwebs (here, let me Google that for you), but I think her tutorials are far superior to others you will find.

I have a couple more photos of this pouch on Flickr if you’re interested. I like how the bottom seam turned out, which was a total surprise accident. The wristlet part is a bit longer than I would like, but better that I can fit my hand through it than not. I’m actually sorta embarrassed to carry this around because the colors are so bright and I typically only carry black bags (along with my black boots, black pants, and black jacket…). I’m sure my coworkers, who are 90% male, think I’m weird when I carry it, but whatever I need to embrace my me-made projects especially ones that I’m proud of and I really do like this pouch.

One last note on this 365 photos project. My husband just saw the title of this blog post and asked if I was doing a photo a day. He quickly asked if all photos were of our cat. Hmph….no! And they won’t, dear readers, they won’t. Maybe tomorrow I’ll carry my shitty old digicam with me to work and get some shots of my commute to work or from my “office” window. ¬†Next month my phone contract is up so I’ll finally be upgrading to a smartphone (or as they say in Canada, SUPERphone! haha!!), which will probably help in the “take a photo outside” goal.

Hope everyone had a happy weekend!

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