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Bailey turned 1 year old yesterday (in human years)! We adopted Bailey in late June 2012 from the LA Animal Shelter. I walked by every cage and while most kittens were sleeping or mewing incessantly, little Bailey was the only kitten who walked up to the front of the cage and even stood up on his hind legs. I knew immediately that he was the one meant for our little family.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of a photo taken about 1 week after we adopted him and another photo taken today.

Happy Birthday, Bailey

According to WiiFit (yes, this is how we weight ourselves), he went from 4 pounds to 12 pounds!! (He actually topped 13 pounds a month ago.) Bailey has grown considerably in the almost 9 months we’ve had him! I used to think it was adorable when he would splay across my neck while I was sleeping. Now, I can barely breathe when he does it. He also used to be tiny enough to sleep on an extra pillow behind my head, but not anymore 😦

Sometimes he has too much energy and he definitely knows how to push our buttons. He still likes to bite a lot, but thankfully he has never hissed at us. No matter how irritated we (mainly my husband) get at him, at the end of the day how could we ever stay mad at something this cute?


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