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Day 7: January 7, 2013

I had grand plans to take an outdoor photo for Day 7, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Instead, I took this photo:

Day 7/365

Bob’s Red Mill has invaded my grocery store! YES!!!!

Look at all that Bob’s Red Mill!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! I stopped by Ralphs (aka, Kroger, the big chain grocery store in my area) and only walked down the baking aisle to get to the back of the store. I just happened to glance to my left and I think my jaw dropped when I saw bags upon bags upon bags of different Bob’s Red Mill baking products! WHEN DID THIS GET HERE!?!?

I was in Ralphs on Christmas Even to get baking flour and I DO NOT remember seeing this. In the past I have only been able to find Unsweeted Shredded Coconut and possibly one or two other items. I usually have to go to Fresh & Easy to buy Gluten-Free Baking Flour (because it’s way cheaper than at Whole Foods) and then hop on over to Whole Foods to get the crazy stuff like Flaxseed Meal (I still don’t know why I bought this) and Xantham Gum. I can’t remember how much Whole Foods charges for all these things, but I am 99.999999% certain that Ralphs is cheaper. I can’t wait to start experimenting with different baked goods! I was seriously way too excited about this discovery! It definitely made my day….until I decided to buy Mint Chocolate Its-It for dessert. THAT made my day.

Day 8: January 8, 2013
A view from my “office” window.

Day 8/365

“Hi Staples Center! Hi Freeway!”

I put office in quotation marks because I really sit in a cubicle that is adjacent to a floor-to-ceiling window (**not to brag or anything**), but it feels like a real office because it is kind of secluded from the rest of my coworkers so I have a lot of privacy. Not gonna lie, this view is pretty awesome. First of all, “Hello, Staples Center!” When the Kings have a home game, I can see the LA Kings banner draped across the front of Staples Center.

The freeway is also fun to look at. We can see accidents that back up traffic for miles (see photo above), crazies that threaten to jump off a bridge onto the freeway, high-speed car chases, motorcades, military helos that fly by and shake the building, etc. This spot had a decent view of the space shuttle that flew over LA and, on a good air quality day, we can *just* see the ocean (if we squint hard enough).

In case you are wondering, the photos from Days 7 and 8 were taken with my Sony DSC-T200 digicam (I do not recommend it…..but who the heck buys compact digital cameras anyway) and then touched up in PicMonkey using AutoAdjust.

Day 9: January 9, 2013

My external flash arrived!! Woohoo!!! It’s a Canon 430EX II. After I ordered it and was waiting for it to arrive I kept thinking what a frivolous purchase it was for an amateur photog. Just as I was beginning to regret buying it, the flash arrive and OMFG  I really love it! Here’s a SOOC shot of my kitty!

Day 9/365

If we had more cats, Bailey would definitely be their King.

Sure, the photo is a bit overexposed, but that’s because I’m still trying to figure out what exposure compensation to use for my flash. I think I have it set to +2/3 and I bounced the flash at a 60 degree angle. But, seriously….I love this external flash! Even when I set my camera’s light setting to Tungsten and manually shoot to capture a correct exposure I still have to do a white balance adjustment to get the coloring right. All because the lighting in my apartment is absolutely terrible.

Because I’m so excited I am going to add one more photo of my cat. Look, even Bailey is excited! He’s practically dancing!

Feeding the cat

And now you know where I store my Swiffer, broom, and spare fan….

Today’s Hump Day! Only 2 more days till the weekend!!


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