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I finally failed my own monthly challenge of taking photos of purple in the month of February. Next time I do a color theme, I will make it a once-a-week challenge. I would rather take photos that are meaningful to me, than a photo of a particular thing just because I *have* to. Since all of the photos taken during the workweek were taken with my iPhone and posted to Flickr, here is another photo collage.


1. Day 42/365, 2. Day 43/365, 3. Day 44/365, 4. Day 46/365

I really like the photo from Day 44: Hot Air Balloon on Hollywood Blvd. I wish I had gotten a shot of the fire being blown into the balloon, but I was in too much of a hurry to time it correctly. 99% of the time I despise walking along Hollywood Blvd because of all the tourists and costume “performers”. Most of the time I feel like I’m *this* close to turning into Michael Douglas in Falling Down, except instead of breaking due to vehicular traffic, I’m breaking due to pedestrian traffic. I don’t know how people in NYC deal with all the foot traffic; navigating through all the hustle and bustle of real downtown city life would drive me up the freaking wall. Every now and then I do enjoy being on Hollywood Blvd when there is something cool, unique, and unexpected to look at and this was one of those times. But, if I never have to be on Hollywood Blvd ever again for the rest of my life….I would be fine with that.

If you ever visit Los Angeles and are wondering what sites to see, I would recommend avoiding this area unless you are an absolute diehard movie fan and have to see the Chinese Theater or for some reason you have to see people’s hand prints. Guess what, folks. They’re hand prints, just like yours and mine. Nothing spectacular to see. There are so many far better things to do in LA than walk along Hollywood Blvd among a sea of human misery.

Woah there, I sound so dour. Let’s end this post on a happier note. Here’s my photo from Day 45, obviously in violation of my February Photo challenge, but whatever. This is the front of the Valentine’s Day Card I gave my husband:

Day 45/365

And here is the inside:

I love you!

Funny enough, my husband gave me a very similar type of card. We tend to have this “argument” quite often.

omigod you guys, I am so happy I have off for President’s Day! I don’t have any concrete plans for the long weekend, but hopefully there is some good eating, possibly an outing to the movie theater, and maybe some catching up with old friends. I have a tenative goal to finish making a skirt, but since I always underestimate how long making a skirt will take (or rather I somehow always screw things up, which tacks on hours of extra work), I don’t have high hopes that a finished garment will be produced. My only real goal for the weekend is to buy some fabric at a nearby fabric store. They have tons of fabric, but I have yet to buy any because I’m always so overwhelmed when I walk in. I wish Tim Gunn was my BFF so he could accompany me on fabric shopping trips and make sure I don’t buy hideous fabric that is entirely unsuitable for its intended purpose. Tim Gunn and I are actually separated by 3 degrees (Me -> My Grandmother -> Tim’s Mother -> Tim) I think that’s 3….I can’t really figure out how to count degrees of separation…..anyhooo….that’s my humble brag for the month! 🙂 Not that it’s going to get Tim Gunn to go fabric shopping with me or anything. I’ll just have to pretend he’s there guiding me through my purchase(s).

Happy Long Weekend, everyone!


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