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I’m not the biggest fan of April Fools’ Jokes. However, this year I thought there were some good jokes done by big companies. A friend alerted me to Sony’s Animalia Line, which includes Kitty Headphones and Dog TVs.

Then later in the day a different friend shared REI’s April Fools’ Joke on Facebook:

REI April Fools Joke 2013

REI April Fools Joke 2013

AWWMIGOD! COULD THIS BE ANY CUTER?!!?!? I about died from cuteness overload. Here are a couple more items for your adventurous kitty:

REI April Fools Joke Kitty Tools

My Bailey could really use a tiny little machete! I had to take screenshots of the website just in case it gets taken down in the future, especially since the “deal” is only valid on 4/1/2013. Here’s the official announcement from the REI Facebook page:

REI April Fools Joke Facebook Page

I can’t stop cracking up when I look at that sweet little kitty in the ad. Oh man, how I wish it was possible to take my cat hiking….

Anyone else see any good April Fools’ jokes?


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