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I hadn’t taken a photo all day. I was cleaning up some sewing stuff, preparing to head off to bed soon after. I was about to take another iPhone photo when I somehow convinced myself to dust off my dslr camera and external flash. Sweet Bailey was lounging in his chair and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my darling sleeping cat.

Day 147/365 - Sleeping Bailey

Sleeping Bailey

I only took four shots (one with the incorrect light setting) and it took hardly any time.

Note to self: Use your real camera more often.

The iPhone is perfect for capturing in the moment happenings, like this one*

Day 117/365

Gimme my damn beer!

but it can’t beat a dslr camera in picture quality, especially indoors in crappy lighting.

*Before all the animal abuse groups start contacting me about being a terrible cat guardian, no alcohol was actually consumed by Bailey. He was just licking the top of the bottle.


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I think from this point on I’ll only be blogging about the “365 Photos*” that I am most “proud” of or like the best or are actually worth blogging about….you get the idea. Part of the change up in documenting my progress is two-fold: (1) it is time consuming (also read: I’m lazy) to blog about each and every photo, especially when I’m getting accustomed to writing descriptions when I post the photo to Flickr, and (2) I don’t think it’s really necessary for me to blog about a photo of my dinner or other totally random photo from an exceptionally boring day.

With that said there are two photos from this past week that I really like and I think are worth sharing with everyone who happens upon my blog.

Day 61/365: March 2, 2013

I’m not sure how much the rest of the country (and world) paid attention to the Endeavour Space Shuttle making its journey to its final resting spot, but LA was abuzz with excitement because it was a pretty big deal when it happened. Not only is it awesome to say that the Space Shuttle is on exhibit in your city, but it was also a huge undertaking just getting the Space Shuttle from the airport across the city to the California Science Center. As an engineer myself, one that deals with roads, cities, utilities, etc, I thought it was very impressive. I’m actually surprised I waited this long to see the shuttle, but earlier in the week I decided it was time we see it!

I gotta say, seeing the shuttle in person was awesome. You know it’s huge, but then you see it in person and you’re overwhelmed with its size. And then you realize, holy shit, this thing was in space……numerous times. I was trying to find different angles and details to take photos of. I eventually captured this one as I walked along the back of the exhibition hall:

Day 61/365 - Endeavour

There are a ton of other exhibits at the California Science Center, but they’re mainly geared towards kids so we scooted out of there soon after exiting the Shuttle exhibit. On our way out this gazebo-type art installation just outside the building caught my eye.

California Science Center


Technically not part of the 365 Photos, but definitely better than most of the photos I took this week.

Day 62/365: March 3, 2013

Several months ago I was at Sew Modern and saw fabric with a fleur-de-lis pattern and just had to buy it. My mom had recently given me an old pattern for bow ties, ties, and cumberbunds so I made a bow tie for my husband. I recently finished it and then couldn’t figure out how to actually tie it. All the diagrams and sketches didn’t make any sense at all. I finally searched for a video and the first YouTube video I found was PERFECT! I tied it on the first try! So, if you want to know how to tie a bow tie, check out this video. Since the bow tie is a bit too big for my husband I tied it around my cat:

Day 62/365

Bailey looks so classy (and comfy) in that bow tie, doesn’t he? I really want to make a kitty-sized bow tie for him. My husband wants none of that, but I keep telling him to think of it as a bow tie collar. That makes it ok, right?

*see all other  365 Photos on Flickr here.

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I can’t believe so many days have passed by between posts about my progress on the 365 photos project. Here is a mosaic of photos I took recently. Descriptions of each photo are on Flickr if you are so inclined to know what is going on in each photo.

Days 47-55 Mosaic

1. Day 47/365, 2. Day 48/365, 3. Day 49/365, 4. Day 50/365, 5. Day 51/365, 6. Day 52/365, 7. Day 53/365, 8. Day 54/365, 9. Day 55/365

I have given up on the “Purple Theme” for the month of February. Seriously, if I had kept up with it, you’d probably see 20 shitty photos of ugly purple flowers. Since I truly enjoy taking photos of my cat, I have reverted to taking a lot more photos of my sweet Bailey. In order to not bore my small readership, my goal from this point forward is to take photos of him in different positions and situations.

Only two of the photos in the above mosaic were taken with my dlsr and one of them actually didn’t come out that well despite using an external flash. My kitchen definitely has the worst lighting and I had a lot of difficulty figuring out how to best bounce the flash while still lighting the subject (my cat) with a dark background directly behind him. (wedding photography is so far out of my reach…..bleeerrrrggg.) Four of my iphone photos were edited using a filter and I actually like how all of them turned out, although I do admit that using a filter feels like cheating. Does anyone else feel this way? The remaining 3 photos were taken with my iphone and edited using Snapseed, which I discovered is free! I want to do a future post on some before/after comparison with using Snapseed. The floral photo from Day 50 is a good example that I will use.

Is it just me or has February FLOWN by? March arrives this Friday! This part of the year always bums me out because it feels like all I do is work. The next work holiday isn’t until Memorial Day…..waaaahhh! I have a lot of vacation time saved up (4 weeks!), but I’m just not quite ready to splurge on an awesome vacation. Recently I was talking to my coworkers about low cost vacations and they gave me a great idea. Actually, they pretty much planned my itinerary. I ran it by my husband and he seemed pretty excited as well since it would cover spots that neither of us have visited. Hopefully we can go on this vacation in late March or early April; I gotta plan it around some upcoming submittals. Ok, is “submittal” really not a word? Because we use it ALL THE TIME in my line of field.

Enjoy the last week of February, everyone!

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I finally failed my own monthly challenge of taking photos of purple in the month of February. Next time I do a color theme, I will make it a once-a-week challenge. I would rather take photos that are meaningful to me, than a photo of a particular thing just because I *have* to. Since all of the photos taken during the workweek were taken with my iPhone and posted to Flickr, here is another photo collage.


1. Day 42/365, 2. Day 43/365, 3. Day 44/365, 4. Day 46/365

I really like the photo from Day 44: Hot Air Balloon on Hollywood Blvd. I wish I had gotten a shot of the fire being blown into the balloon, but I was in too much of a hurry to time it correctly. 99% of the time I despise walking along Hollywood Blvd because of all the tourists and costume “performers”. Most of the time I feel like I’m *this* close to turning into Michael Douglas in Falling Down, except instead of breaking due to vehicular traffic, I’m breaking due to pedestrian traffic. I don’t know how people in NYC deal with all the foot traffic; navigating through all the hustle and bustle of real downtown city life would drive me up the freaking wall. Every now and then I do enjoy being on Hollywood Blvd when there is something cool, unique, and unexpected to look at and this was one of those times. But, if I never have to be on Hollywood Blvd ever again for the rest of my life….I would be fine with that.

If you ever visit Los Angeles and are wondering what sites to see, I would recommend avoiding this area unless you are an absolute diehard movie fan and have to see the Chinese Theater or for some reason you have to see people’s hand prints. Guess what, folks. They’re hand prints, just like yours and mine. Nothing spectacular to see. There are so many far better things to do in LA than walk along Hollywood Blvd among a sea of human misery.

Woah there, I sound so dour. Let’s end this post on a happier note. Here’s my photo from Day 45, obviously in violation of my February Photo challenge, but whatever. This is the front of the Valentine’s Day Card I gave my husband:

Day 45/365

And here is the inside:

I love you!

Funny enough, my husband gave me a very similar type of card. We tend to have this “argument” quite often.

omigod you guys, I am so happy I have off for President’s Day! I don’t have any concrete plans for the long weekend, but hopefully there is some good eating, possibly an outing to the movie theater, and maybe some catching up with old friends. I have a tenative goal to finish making a skirt, but since I always underestimate how long making a skirt will take (or rather I somehow always screw things up, which tacks on hours of extra work), I don’t have high hopes that a finished garment will be produced. My only real goal for the weekend is to buy some fabric at a nearby fabric store. They have tons of fabric, but I have yet to buy any because I’m always so overwhelmed when I walk in. I wish Tim Gunn was my BFF so he could accompany me on fabric shopping trips and make sure I don’t buy hideous fabric that is entirely unsuitable for its intended purpose. Tim Gunn and I are actually separated by 3 degrees (Me -> My Grandmother -> Tim’s Mother -> Tim) I think that’s 3….I can’t really figure out how to count degrees of separation…..anyhooo….that’s my humble brag for the month! 🙂 Not that it’s going to get Tim Gunn to go fabric shopping with me or anything. I’ll just have to pretend he’s there guiding me through my purchase(s).

Happy Long Weekend, everyone!

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365 Photos: Days 35-41

I finally got an iPhone a week ago and am now taking way more photos with it compared to my dslr, which is good and bad. It’s good because I get to take photos I never would have because I don’t want to lug my dslr everywhere with me (especially when I’m holed up in my office for hours on end) and I can take photos a bit more discreetly. However, it’s also bad because the photos aren’t as great.

I admit that I half-assed my mine own assignment this week. First of all, it is a lot more difficult to find purple things to photograph when the rest of the world apparently does not share my love of the color purple. I resorted to taking photos of objects that were near me when I realized I had two hours left in the day to complete the “photo-a-day” challenge.

I discovered that the Flickr app allows you to apply filters to photographs similar to Instagram, I think. I’ve been having fun playing around with the filters, but I’m sure the enjoyment will wear off soon. I’ve heard Snapseed is a great mobile phone editing program, so I may purchase it eventually.

Here’s a mosaic (collage?) of the iphone photos I took this week:

1. Day 35/365, 2. Day 36/365, 3. Day 37/365, 4. Day 38/365, 5. Day 39/365, 6. Day 40/365

I included descriptions of each photo on Flickr so I won’t repeat it here.

Here is the one photo I took with my dslr this week:
Day 41/365

I don’t like buying the flag forever stamps because I think they are so boring, so I was pleased to be offered these Pixar stamps. Each stamp is really big, but they’re so adorable! There are also stamps of Wall-E and Ed Asner’s character in ‘Up’. Seriously, there are so cute I almost don’t ever want to use them.

My goal this week is to do a better job with seeking out purple in my daily commute. Maybe there will be a beautiful sunrise this week…

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It’s February! Which means keeping track of the “day” will be much more difficult since I can no longer easily reference the day of the month. Sheesh, life is rough.

Day 32: Feb 1, 2013

I was thinking during the day about what to photograph when it dawned on me that I should try a theme this month. First I thought about taking photos of something red. But then I realized that was way too easy. Hello, red in February? I might as well take photos of hearts everyday. Man, I am so lame sometimes! Then I decided since love is a theme in February I should take photos of the color I love the most: purple.

Day 32/365

That is a photo of some fabric I have had for months. I’ll post soon about what I did with it. It looks kinda nice in the photo, but don’t be fooled! It was a disaster to work with. And I still have a lot left…..ugh, what I am going to make with it? Suggestions are welcome!


Day 33: Feb 2, 2013

Had brunch with the fam at Terranea Resort. It was my first time there and holy moly it is niiiiiiiiiice. As we were leaving I saw this flower:

Day 33/365

I asked my dad, the nature lover, what kind of flower it is, but even he didn’t know. I actually didn’t really care, I just wanted to take a photo of it since it’s purple. I would have taken more creative shots of it, but while I was taking this photo my dad mentioned that it definitely attracts bees and I almost screamed since I am terrified of bees!!! TERRIFIED!!! Yep, there were plenty of bees buzzing around happily. I shudder just thinking about it.

Day 34: Feb 3, 2013

I finally got a new phone! After I polled my friends on Facebook I decided to get the iphone5. A couple friends pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S III is oversized. After a quick trip to a local Sprint store I concluded the SIII is too large for my liking so I opted for the iphone, which I can control in one hand. Here is one of the first photos I took with my new fancy schmancy phone:

Day 34/365

I’m very impressed with the quality (although I realize it doesn’t compare to my dslr). The white balance looks decent in this photo and I didn’t touch it up at all. By the way, this is my mini sewing box that I keep near my sewing machine. It originally housed a variety of individually packed brownies from Fairytale Brownies, which were a Christmas gift from aunt to our family. The box was really nice and I didn’t want to throw it away so I decided to repurpose it as a mini sewing box. It’s the perfect size for some frequently used items and I love the flip top for easy access and stow away.

Did you notice the Laduree box peeking out from under the sewing box? Am I the only nerd that kept the box after devouring some seriously delicious and overpriced macarons? The box is so pretty I just couldn’t part with it! I have some other sewing stuff stashed in this box as well, but since it doesn’t have a flip top, it is a bit of a hassle to access stuff stored in here.


Oh boy, we’re full on in February! There are a couple things I’m looking forward to this month: (1) President’s Day Holiday and (2) Valentine’s Day. I’m not normally a romantic person, but this year Die Hard 5 opens on February 14th!!!! YESSS!!!

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This week has been all sorts of busy. I traveled to Flip-Flip-Flipadelphia for a work training session and was there for less than 48 hours. I can’t complain too much because I really wanted to attend this training program and I am very glad that I was allowed to go. I was worried it was going to be super cold, but the weather wasn’t too bad at all. I took some piss poor photos, but at least I’ll be able to remember this week as the “it’s tired in here” week.

Day 28: January 28, 2013

I’m terrible about figuring out what to eat when I travel. Do I want to overpay for a sad, limp sandwich before I board a plane or during the flight? I was *this* close to getting the cheese and cracker snack on the plane, but really, $9 for some measly pieces of cheese? Instead I bought a couple granola bars in the terminal and then toughed it out. Not gonna lie, that was not the best decision I made that day. All throughout the flight I couldn’t wait till I got to the hotel to receive my complimentary cookie:

Day 28/365

A cookie never tasted so good! Why don’t more hotels offer a free cookie upon checking in? The guy in front of me DECLINED the cookie! I almost jumped to the front desk and asked if I could take his cookie. Oh, and yes, I did have a cookie for dinner. That’s what being an adult is all about (and eating in bed, jumping on my bed, spoiling my dinner…do I need to continue??)

Day 29: January 29, 2013
A view from my hotel room.

Day 29/365

I have no idea where my hotel was relative to any Philadelphia landmarks, but it looks like we were in the downtown city part. I think the last time I was in Philadelphia was on my 8th Grade trip, where we visited all the famous historical places on the East Coast that we learned about during the school year. That was a long time ago and the city has definitely changed since then. I sorta wished I had time to bum around the city, but I’m sure I’ll eventually make it out there again to do the most important thing you could ever do in Philadelphia: Eat at Morimoto.

Day 30: January 30, 2013
In hindsight I could have walked around the city before heading to the airport, but instead I got to the airport early and then found out my flight was delayed a couple hours so I had a lovely dinner at Au Bon Pain. I splurged and got dessert (Congo Bar….WTF?) and a huge bottle of water to go along with a surprisingly tasty sammy.

Day 30/365

Thank goodness for free wi-fi in airports, otherwise I would have gone c.r.a.z.y. Seriously, how did we ever make it through torturous layovers and soul-crushing delays without free wi-fi in airports??

Day 31: January 31, 2013
The last day of my 2-year phone contract before I am finally eligible for a phone upgrade.

Day 31/365

It has felt like a lifetime ago since I got a new phone. Two years ago I was convinced that I didn’t need or want a smartphone. Boy was I wrong. I plan on either upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone. The biggest decision is whether I complete the upgrade in-store or online. I’ve had problems in the past with sales people in stores not knowing the correct info, but I want a new phone **right now** and I don’t want to wait a couple days longer for a phone to be shipped! However, my husband correctly pointed out, “if you go to the store, then you’ll have to talk to people!”  *sigh* what can I say, my mom taught me not to talk to strangers and I took that advice to heart 🙂

I’m writing this on Friday evening, and can I just say how relieved I am that the weekend is here! Thursday and Friday in the office were rough. I made myself a red eye on Thursday morning: black coffee with an espresso. It was like a shot of adrenaline in the arm! It definitely kept me awake during the morning and then I needed some yerba mate to get my second wind. I’m definitely looking forward to sleeping, then sleeping, and then more sleeping this weekend.

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