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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Since my last post I have traveled for work multiple times, baked a cake for the first time, traveled to New Orleans for a wedding, finished a quilt that I never blogged about, and, most importantly, my LA Kings won the Stanley Cup, a feat I NEVER thought would EVER happen in my lifetime. But, this post is all about some cuteness overload. My brother and his wife were out of town recently and asked me to watch their tiny new additions to make sure they were well-fed and had clean litter boxes. My brother actually wrote an email that his kittens were “tiny and adorable. Tidorable.” And he wasn’t joking.

I was super excited to (a) play with tiny kittens, and (b) practice photographing pets. I love, love, love looking at the pet photos that Li of Fat Orange Cat Studio takes and couldn’t wait to take some awesome adorable pet photos myself. But lo and behold, tiny kittens have so much freaking energy and don’t sit still for very long! Maybe if there was only one of them it would have been easier, but the two kittens were more interested in wrestling with each other than they were with getting their glamour shots. I finally put out some food and the black one (I can’t remember their names) went to town on the food.

The Tabby wasn’t interested in food at all, but did take a water break.

Whew, wrestling is so much work!

The kittens were very enamored with shoes so they spent a lot time near them. This was my favorite shot of the day. It was also probably the longest either cat sat in one spot, giving me just enough time to focus.

I have a lot of learning and practicing to do if I want to get quality photos of pets. But regardless of how many shots were out of focus, I had such a great time playing with them! I can’t wait to get one! I tried to convince my husband that we should really get two kittens at the same time, but he’s not having any of that. If things work out with our landlord, then hopefully we’ll have ONE kitten soon.


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